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Asset Finance Solutions For Your Business

APLS Finance Solutions  have a large range of options available to businesses looking to finance new equipment including motor vehicles, plant machinery, forklifts, IT & communication systems and agriculture equipment. Chat to one of our experienced Brokers today about how we can help find the right finance equipment solutions to help you invest in areas that will grow and expand your business.





Finding the right solution to finance a car or new equipment isn’t always easy but at APLS Finance Solutions, you can rely on us to find a loan or lease that will be the perfect fit for your business. Our consultants have extensive experience working with all types of industries to deliver a great range of car & equipment finance and our expertise, along with our extensive range of equipment finance options, will save you time and money.

APLS Finance Solutions can help you finance just about any asset including:

  • Cars, Buses & Trucks

  • Aeroplanes & Helicopters

  • Boats

  • Manufacturing Equipment

  • Plant & Machinery

  • Construction Equipment

  • IT & Communication Systems

  • Health & Medical Equipment

  • Agriculture & Farm Equipment


Contact us today to arrange a chat with one of our equipment finance specialists to find out how we can help you with all your car and equipment financing needs.




Suitable For Cars & Equipment

Own It Now

Equipment Finance, also known as a Chattel Mortgage, enables businesses to borrow funds to finance the purchase of cars and other equipment which are to be used for business purposes.

With a Chattel Mortgage, ownership is transferred to you at the time of purchase with the financier placing a mortgage on the equipment which remains in place until the finance has been paid in full.


The term of the financing agreement is flexible with repayments and interest fixed, which is great for managing the cashflow of your business. As the finance is secured against the equipment, the interest rate is very competitive. The amount you can borrow will vary and depend on the type of equipment being purchased. 

Contact APLS Finance Solutions today to arrange a chat with one of our specialist consultants who'll discuss all the available options to you and find a flexible and competitive equipment financing solution to suit your business.



Novatd Lease

Popular Car Leasing Option for Employees

Novated Leases are a popular choice of car financing as it provides employees the opportunity of leasing a vehicle, through a salary sacrifice agreement with their employer and thus reducing the amount of their taxable income. The vehicle is able to be used for personal purposes.


A Novated Lease can be either Non-Maintained or Fully-Maintained.


A Non-Maintained Novated Lease is where the employee is responsible for all the running costs of the vehicle like fuel, servicing and maintenance. A Fully-Maintained Lease, on the other hand, is when the running costs of the vehicle can be bundled in with the finance.


At the end of the Novated Lease agreement, there are a number of options available and our specialist consultants will walk you through each of them.

To find out which option is is the most suitable for you, contact APLS Finance Solutions today and learn more about how a Novated Lease can help finance you next new car.

Suitable For Cars


*Loan Amount, Term of Loan & Interest Rates will vary and is based on your  loan purpose and risk rating as determined by the lender.

Lending & approval  criteria applies and all loans will require to be assessed by the lender in accordance with their lending, credit and risk policies.

Applications can be approved within 24 hours (where all requirements satisfied)



Business Finance

Suitable For Cars & Equipment

No Upfront Deposit Required

A Finance Lease is another great car and equipment financing option for businesses as it provides you with the opportunity to acquire the equipment without the need to make an initial upfront lump sum payment or deposit.

The equipment is leased from the Financier with fixed monthly payments made over the term of its useful life.


At the end of the finance lease agreement, there are a number of options available and our specialist consultants will walk you through each of them.


For more information, and to find out if a Finance Lease is right for your business, get in touch with one of APLS Finance Solutions consultants today.



Business Finance

Suitable For Cars & Equipment

Low Rate & Flexible Financing Options

Another financing for cars and equipment is a Hire Purchase where financier purchases the car or equipment on behalf of the business who will then 'hire' it back by making fixed monthly payments over an agreed period of time.


At the end of the hire purchase agreement, and once the final payment has been made, ownership is transferred over to you.


You may have the option to include a balloon or residual payment in your Hire Purchase Agreement.


Get in touch with APLS Finance Solutions today to discuss whether a Hire Purchase Agreement is suitable for your business as well as the many other finance options available to you.

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